About us

The Milne Bay Military Museum is housed in a 1917 building known as “The Drill Hall. This building was first constructed in the Newtown Park in 1917 as a recruiting depot for the 11th Light Horse. At the end of World War one in 1918, it became the headquarters and training depot for the 26th Battalion, the Darling Downs regiment. The building was re-located in 1926 to the corner of Margaret and Kitchener Streets.

During the following years the 25th battalion as well as elements of other units occupied it from time to time. It was a recruiting depot for service personnel enlisted in the armed forces during World War two and was the home base for many Darling Downs soldiers during the National Service era of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

It was again re-located in 1990 to its present location in O’Quinn Street where it houses the Milne Bay Military Museum. Presently this museum is a tri-service military museum and houses memorabilia and equipment associated with the history of the Darling Downs and South East Queensland.

The Museum is entirely self-funded, solely managed and manned by volunteers.